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SAMPLES of production

Lydian Studios Greatest Hits

We have produced, recorded and mixedmany songs that we are proud of. Unfortunately, if we tried to put them all on the page, you're scrollbar might explode! With this in mind we have hand picked a number of tracks that we feel best demonstrate our production capabilities in various genre and stylistic areas.


We have completed productions for clients who consider themselves jazz, rock, folk, metal, funk, celtic, bluegrass, pop, blues, orchestral, alternative, ambient, electronic classical and everything else in between. To help simplify things a bit, we have separated our sample reels into 3 distinctive catagories: Client samples, style samples and filmscore samples. each one of these sections can be described as follows. We update this section with new pieces regularly so be sure to check back and see what's new when you can!

Our client sample reel contains works that have been completed for 3rd party artists and released on commercial/independant records. There are a few tracks from some of our most recent records that have been hand selected (up to a maximum of three songs per album) for this sample reel because we believe it best represents our work on that perticular record. These tracks are grouped by artist and are ordered chronologically.

The second reel contains what we call style samples. These are pieces that have been written, performed, produced and recorded by studio staff. There are many genres that our production team favors and knows how to create sonically. We put these tracks together because we felt that it would better define our production diversity. These songs have been catagorized by genre as opposed to artist.

This sample reel contains samples of our work across the country on broadcast and commercial imaging and advertising pieces. There is a general reel for broadcast imaging and also for commercial advertising. There is also several format-specific programming examples to get more in-depth for each of the formats we produce for.

Having a great passion for film, we felt it was necessary to dedicate a part of our sample reel to it. Our final sample reel consists of many orchestrated film-score samples that we have completed over the years to demonstrate our composing service. Once again all pieces were composed and recorded at Lydian Studios. All of the pieces have been catagorized by emotion and type of scene.

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