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ABOUT Ottawa's First Hybrid Studio

Our Humble Philosophy

Recording studios and the entire process of cutting a record is quite intimidating to many musicians; especially when it’s a debut album. It can be difficult for musicians to open up their creative senses and let their guard down in such a rigid and professional environment. Many producers, managers, A&R executives and other industry professionals have wondered for years why it was sounding so promising in pre-prod rehearsals and as soon as they entered the studio to get it on tape it seemed to fall to pieces. There have been many theories over the years. to try and explain this tendancy.


At Lydian Studios, we think we may have the answer. Many artists, both musicians and otherwise, say that they have a space that they work and hone their craft in; a study or laboratory of sorts. When moving into a large format studio, that quaint atmosphere that allowed them to create and refine disappears. Many physical characteristics of a professional recording studio make the environment hard to get used to for some and impossible for others. Though these settings may make the space technically and acoustically efficient and allow the engineers to get the job done easier, it may not be as comfortable to the artist. This is why Lydian Studios came up with the concept of "The Hybrid Studio".


The Hybrid Studio combines the best assets of a professional large-format recording studio with the attributes of a rehearsal space/band house that musicians have learned to call home. At Lydian Studios we know what it takes to make a great record work both technically and creatively. We also know what it takes to get the best material from the artist. In a Lydian Studios session you will find a relaxed atmosphere, aesthetic design and flexible staff as well as efficient, fast, quality and professional work-flow on both sides of the glass. Making sure hospitality and comfort is covered to the greatest detail so we can get happy tracking. Many individuals who have recorded with us allowed us to post their thoughts on the experience here on our testimonials page.


We here at Lydian Studios also know that Ottawa has many adept recording spaces, each with their own unique features and perks. With this in mind we have negotiated agreements with some of these facilities to outsource our clientele with our engineering staff to their facilities at a premium rental rate. When you book in your band with our engineering team, we will choose the best space for your project so that you can get the most out of all this region has to offer and feel confident knowing that our seasoned professionals are working to get the very best that we can for your projects 24/7. Just listen to what we've done for yourself on our samples page. Check back regularly. We always change it up every so often with samples from different clients.


Our staff are happy to answer any questions you might have about our services, a quote, past projects or any other questions you might have. Just send us a message using this info or contact us directly using this form for you to tell a story and let your users know a little more about you.

More About Us



Lydian Studios takes pride in being a very "social" business. Check in here to see what we're talking about on all your favorite social networks.



Take a read through some of our testimonials from past and present clients so you can feel confident about choosing to produce your record with the Lydian Studios team.

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