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TESTIMONIALS on our services

What People Have To Say About Us

Here you will find a list of some of the things our clients have had to say about our production services and our team here at Lydian Studios. Please check back regularly as this site is constantly being updated with comments from our past and present clients. If you have been a client in the past and would like to submit a testimonial to be reviewed and published, please send us an email through our contact page.

Aiden Wolf

Voice-over Artist,

Dylan has been my go-to producer for all of my imaging demos to date, and I have to say, his work has been extremely successful. Working with him during the recording has been seamless, and he is fantastic in coaching the reads as well as developing the content with me to fit the mood of my demos. For his price point, he is exceptionally fair, but I do believe as his star rises in the industry, you may find his pricing follow. All in all a wonderful, professional talent with zero downside and very reasonable pricing. Five stars from me.

Scottie Irving

Manager, The Peptides

"After receiving top-notch treatment at Music in the Pines, The PepTides have turned to Dylan Lalonde many times over the years both as a live sound technician and as a lighting designer. His artist-centred approach and willingness to accommodate special requests is appreciated. His versatility and problem-solving ability have allowed us to deliver performances in some very unusual settings—from restaurants and churches to grist mills and even forests."

Larry Garnett

Guitarist, Calamity Acoustic Duo

"Although there are several recording studios in Ottawa, Andrea and I were extremely impressed with the final recording of our performance of Stevie Nick’s Landslide. Dylan Lalonde, producer and sound engineer from Lydian Studios, will undoubtedly make his mark in the music recording/producing industry. His ability to bring out the best in any artist was made abundantly clear on our first playback. Dylan’s experience and demeanor was highly conducive to facilitate a creative atmosphere in which to record. It was a pleasure for our Acoustic duo “Calamity” to record with such a highly skilled, professional recording engineer. We hope to be working with Dylan and Lydian Studios for many years. I would highly recommend Lydian Studios to any and all of our fellow musicians."

Philip Labossiere

Percussionist, Argosy Voyage

"Having had the opportunity for Argosy Voyage to be in the studio with Dylan Lalonde at Lydian Studios on two occasions has demonstrated that this young man not only knows how to plan and organize his recording sessions, but also his ability to orchestrate a session and then work his magic in the mixes. Through his professionalism, patience, tact and respect for the musicians, he quickly established a great rapport with all the band members and Argosy Voyage looks forward to future recording sessions with him.   Oh by the way - he is equally talented working sound for live band events as well."

Stephanie Berry

Vocalist, Ben and Me

"Our experience at Lydian was great. Welove the professional yet laid back environment, it really created the artistic mood we needed to get the tracks recorded. Can't wait to go back and lay some more tracks!!!!"

Kayla Talbot

Freelance Musician

"They were very quick at setting up as well as the producer and engineer were very easy to record with. The finished product was very well produced and the personel involved put a lot of effort and work into the project in a timely manner. They made my music come to life after merely a week of editing Truly exceptional"

Kathleen Desson

Freelance Vocalist

"Overall it was a wonderful experience. The Producer guided me through the whole process to make sure i knew what was going on. The end product was great, I was very pleased with the work that the Lydian Studios team put into my piece. I would highly recommend this studio to other artists. I will be thrilled to work with them again sometime soon."

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