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SERVICES provided at Lydian

Broadcast & Podcast IProduction

The whole point of broadcasting and arguably the meaning of the words is to reach as many people as possible with news, ideas and culture that they might enjoy. Over the years a model was developed allowing different broadcast media to "cast" content that appeals to a specific audience while also paying the bills by running advertising that caters to that specific target audience as well.

In the production department in any radio station there are two main categories of content that are frequently discussed, Commercial and Imaging. Commercial refers to the production of advertising content that promotes a business sponsor on the air by either outlining their business or a service/product that they offer. imaging refers to the actual marketing elements and "The Sound" of the station itself such as on-air contest and event promotions and station identifiers and sweepers. There is one consistent trait that is present in successful content to both of these categories... telling stories and painting a picture for the audience. At Lydian Studios... this is our biggest priority with these pieces.

We use a combination of rich, form-fitting voice overs, soundscapes of sound effects and colourful image-augmenting music beds that bring the listener into this new world whether it be the world of a business or the world of a radio station or podcast. Whether it's the message you want to promote or the feel you want to use, we can convey your vibe and position to the audience that you want to target with full length 30-60 second commercial campaigns or smaller 10-15 second sponsorship tags to run on the radio stations that your customers are listening to.


If you're a radio station looking for some help with imaging, we know the many different ways every format can be positioned in the many different listener markets that exist. That's why we are prepared to work very closely and flexibly with the management of your station to make sure that we showcase your station exactly the way you want the audience to see it right down to the dial numbers.

Due to the varying nature of broadcast production requests,, we cannot provide standardize service estimates on this page. If you have a project that you need help with, please feel free to reach out and Contact Us so that we can work together to put together a plan that's best for you. If you're curious about the quality of our production, have a listen to our broadcast samples on This Page.

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