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SERVICES provided at Lydian

What We Do

Lydian Studios offers a diverse range of standard record production services and special services that can be arranged.


To the right you will find links to all of the standard stages and phases of professional record production. These pages are here as an aid to help clients understand the significance of each stage of production. From start to finish, these sections outline the process and more importnatly how WE cut a record here at Lydian Studios.


Every record that comes our way weather it be big or small budget will be completed to the highest standard of excelence in the industry. Even on the smallest indie project, we will put in as many hours as it takes, exhaust every resource and spend every penny in the budget to get you a sound that you will never forget on your next album. Have a listen to our Client Samples page to hear examples of what we can put out.





Lydian Studios has several bundled services to help you save money on your project. Take a look at our packages page for information on what services we have bundled together to simplify the cost and the services to fit your needs in a variety of situations.


As well as providing premium record production services, Lydian Studios also offers many special services that may assist you in taking your project from mind to market. Below you will find some of the special services we offer described.



Special Services



We are proud to have musically trained composers on staff. These gifted individuals can create musical accompaniment, full scores and melodies out of nothing. anything from a simple guitar or piano part to a 60 piece orchestra for film and television scores. We can do it all. You can comission us to piece together a musical piece and then record it for you! you never have to lift a finger... alright well maybe a few fingers would help to operate a keyboard and a pen/checkbook. Take a look at our Style Samples page and FilmScore Compositions page to hear working examples of what our in-house composers and arrangers are capable of.




Along with a host of music production services, Lydian Studios also offers a range of production services for business and broadcast market positioning and imaging. From commercial advertising campaigns to station re-branding initiatives; we can do it all to help your business reach the audience that matters to you. Click the link above to learn more about our branding philosophy or have a listen to our broadcast branding examples by visiting our dedicated samples page Here




Production Process



This section outlines the first stage of recording. Pre-prod allows the production team to sculpt your sound and turn every song you make into a hit.



This section describes arguably the most important stage of production. Tracking is the actual capture of elements/instruemnts onto an analog or digital medium.



Mixing is the stage of production artist's typically dont witness. Being a shut in stage, mixing is all about  sculpting the nuances of each song to sound pleasant and even.



Being primarily an extension of mixing, mastering dives even further into a realm of many sonic colours; Making every track on the record sound good wherever you play it.

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