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To Schedule a time with our production staff for Pre-Production, tracking, editing, mixing, mastering, post-production or to hear about our different services and get a quote, please fill out our Contact Us form and a representative from our staff will respond to your message within a few hours to one business day.


Lydian Studios now has an Online Schedule that is updated every half-hour so that you can plan the times and dates you want to request in our studio before you even send us a message. This reduces the time it will take you to get in the studio and you'll be in, recording your record faster than ever.





IMPORTANT: Please note that this schedule is subject to change at any point. In order to book the time of your choice, please call or email our admin team as soon as possible. Each time will be scheduled by recipient chronological priority. This means that the time will be given to the sender of the email in which was RECIEVED first.

Plan your Session

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