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SERVICES provided at Lydian


Record production is a long process and involves many stages. Each stage further refines and perfects the product of the stage prior. This concept only works if the material begins in the right format. As the saying goes, you can’t polish dirt. Though somewhat extreme, it symbolizes that it can be difficult if not impossible to repair less than optimal compositional and creative attributes to a given recording far into the recording process. This is why the idea of pre-prod (pre-production) was created.


As the name suggests, pre-prod occurs before the recording process. Before you even schedule studio dates in fact. Most producers consider this the pre-first stage in recording. Pre-production takes place during designated rehearsals preceding the recording dates. Pre-prod can take days, weeks or occasionally even months to complete.


A pre-production session with Lydian Studios involves one of our professional producers going to your rehearsal facility or you/your group coming to our pre-prod space and rehearsing through your songs in a typical, relaxed rehearsal environment. As you run through your songs a number of times in any given order, notes are taken on each piece to aid production. These notes can include tempo, key, changes, time signature, feel, groove, estimated runtime and even song roadmaps. Each pre-prod session will also be recorded and stored in your file to aid production. After initial notes are taken, our seasoned professionals will take notes and provide suggestions to potentially improve each piece slightly. Sometimes, a team of producers may come to a pre-production session depending on a variety of factors including genre, musician count and amount of songs.


Seeing as pre-production involved a somewhat standardized process with very little variation, this is one of the few services that Lydian Studios offers with a standard hourly pricing. Our pre-production rate is currently 12.50/hour. This rate may be subject to change in the future. If any of our rates do change, posts will be made on all of our social network pages and right here on our web news feed.

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