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Style Samples

Rowboat - Hard Funk
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At Lydian Studios,we pride ourselves on being stylistically versatile. Our production team can achieve a wide variety of different sounds. In this section of our sample reel we try to demonstrate some of these interesting tones that we can accomplish. All musical parts were written and performed by members of the team. Beside each piece you will find a short description of the style/genre of the songs to allow you to see at a glance what each piece offers.

Bank Shot - Hard Rock
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Showdown - Retro Rock
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Overzealous - Blues Hard Rock
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Wish - 90s Synth Pop
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Lil' Drum'r Boi - 80s Orchestral
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Midnight Stream - Intimate R&B
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Breakdown - Hard Rock
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Retribution - West Coast Hip Hop
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