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Cinema is a beautiful thing; an art form that allows the best of multiple fields to come together and create an artistic sequence of images to tell a story and/or depict an emotion. The visual product of a good film is truly breathtaking. What is added to film to create more atmosphere and dynamic? Why music of course. And if you’re too good of a filmmaker to go the needle drop route, what are your alternatives? Well, you have just entered in the glorious world of cinematic music composition.


Composing is an art that involves both creative and analytical creative thinking, especially when it comes to composing for film and television. Cinematic composition involves creating music in many genres and styles over the course of scenes and sequences and frames that make up a film. A composer for film must compose a score that is dominant, dynamic and aids the telling of the story. One must be careful to ensure that the score is written to support alongside the visual frames and not clash with it or overpower it. Many professional film composers and producers have developed a reputation for creating a musical score that overpowers the images and draws too much attention to the films soundtrack and takes the audience away from the scenes themselves.


Film composition is also an art that involves many workarounds whether it be on a financial, technical or creative basis, there are many challenges to putting together a good film soundtrack that too many film lovers and everyday channel flippers may not realize. Scoring also involves an incredible amount of micro-balancing as well; ensuring that the soundtrack sounds even at every point while ensuring that it does not overpower any dialogue, ambient tone, foley effects and sound design implementations as well as the visual scenes themselves. Don’t forget, this is only the composing part. We haven’t even begun to tell you about the engineering process that takes place after. Multichannel surround sound IMAX film… don’t go there.


Thankfully, Lydian Studios Full-time professional arrangers and composers have you covered. Films used to be accompanied in the early days by a simple pianist playing saloon tunes throughout the film. However, modern film tends to use a vast arsenal of different instruments and musical elements. Does your project you need a killer sound track with a 64 piece orchestra complete with rhythmic sub synth lines and rhythmic concert section? Lydian Studios would be happy to talk to you about your project. We have experience in many different styles of arrangement and composition. Examples of these can be found on our Film score samples Page. The styles listed on our Style Samples Page can also be adapted for film in a more modern setting.


Due to the amount of variables and factors influencing working time and duration, we are unable to prepare a static schedule of fees at this time. However if you contact us using this form, we would be happy to send you a quote free of charge and discuss your project further.

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