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SERVICES provided at Lydian


The Mixolydian Package


This package has it all. Our flagship service special. It's simple, you come in with an idea... you leave with a master. That's it that's all.


Once you contact us and your project has been confirmed, our production team will lead you through the production process from pre-prod all the way up until mastering and disc replication.


Seeing as this package has so many variables and factors from project to project, each project budget is evaluated on a case by case basis. To get a free quote with no obligation, contact our production team. we would be more than happy to speak with you about your project.

Fix It Up


Need help with some of your songs? want an objective opinion on how to get those rockin tunes turned into hits? Then the Fix It Up package is right for you.


This package comes in 2 different flavors, song and album. Lydian Studios will aid you in pre-production for either $75 per song or $600 per album. This allows artists with a large amount of material for a full length record to save while allowing artists that wish to take it slow to save as well.


Notes will be prepared at the end of the pre-prod sessions in a standardized Adobe PDF format to then be given to the Tracking engineer once production begins.


Once the fee has been paid, The Lydian Studios team will work for as much time as needed until Pre-production is completed.

Mix It Up


Mix It Up is the package for those who want a fast and easy solution to mixing and mastering. If you have pre-recorded tracks from a Tracking session and think it needs a bit of spit & polish but dont know where to start then this package is perfect for you. All you have to do is give us the multitrack session root directory and we will have it Mixed and Mastered and give it back to you in both multitrack files and stereo rendering.


The package rate is $125 per song. Please keep in mind that due to system limitations, only Pro Tools 7-9 (.ptf) and Pro Tools10-11 (.ptx) sessions are currently accepted. If you have any questions about the package, feel free to contact us.

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